Eigenes Wasser 60x80
Zerfindend 57.5x80.5
Opened 60 x 80
Landschaft Bleibend 60x80
Wasser 56 X 40
Verbindend 40x56
Landschaft Kreisend 40 X 56
Opened 4 27x24
Opened 27 27x24
Elle Decor
Art Fair
Art Fair
Art Fair

Things are not always what they seem.  Such is the case with German born painter Udo Noger's work.  By painting on and then cutting into and layering canvas, Noger creates spaces that hold light from the outside while returning it back into ambient space.  Noger uses the light as a physical material to transform two-dimensional paintings into objects with three-dimensional form.  Although his work is highly conceptual, exploring light and painting theory, the result is pure, raw emotion.  "You cannot touch the inside of my painting, but you can feel it..."